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About Us

Core Values 

Team Work:

Together everyone achieves more. Connecting resources, talent, expertise,partnership and collaboration is the best building block of healthy community. Our core values at Knights of Health Care is the creation of a healthy community that educate professional health care giver, families and others to care and protect for the vulnerable.


We offer the best through focus on delivering high quality service and continuously improving ourselves through educating our staff with personal and professional ability.


Honesty, open communication, respects for cultural and personality differences as well as professionalism are our successes to continue to do our best.

Home Health and Mental Care Benefits for you and your family

There are many choices available for you or your loved one. You have nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care centers or hospitals but, there is no place as comfortable as your home is.

Through Home Health Care you have the option to received care from a health care professional without leaving your home - this proves very beneficial especially for home-bound patients. Through home care services, continuity of care is ensured and you get the peace of mind you deserve. From Mental Health Theraphy that we specialize, advocacy, medical chart review, and health education.

Take control of the treatment you receive. Meet our Doctor and our professional health care by setting an appointment.

Knights Health Care Services is a member of the following associations:


2309 Bel Air Rd #304
Fallston, Maryland 21047
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Mailing Address:
P.O Box 415
Fallston, Maryland 21047-0415

Phone: 443-417-3517
Toll Free No: 1-877-275-5407
Fax: 410-877-3092

Office Address:
15500 Indianola Dr.
Rockville, MD 20855
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Mailing Address:
12975 Highland Rd., Ste. #224
Highland, MD 20777-9998

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